New media experiments foster long-form journalism

It seems the fightback against what’s often seen as the greatest threat new technology poses to quality journalism – the speed and ephemera of content – has already begun.

Journalist Bobby Jackson is using Twitter to encourage people to read pieces of long, in-depth writing. ‘The project is in its infancy but one thing I’ve already found out is that there is a growing community of people dedicated to spreading good writing using the very technologies that people say is killing long-form journalism,’ he writes in the Guardian.

Jackson is following a trend started in the US, (yes, they’re ahead in this, too), by the founders of Longform, a site which publishes serious pieces of journalism deemed too lengthy to be read on a computer screen. The site offers a simple tool called Instapaper to help people save the pieces to read, offline, later.

Those nostalgic for the days of shortform journalism only worth reading Now might like to click here.

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