New magazine aims to cash in on Good Life

Photo by Max (Flickr)

Amid the endless tales of failing titles, the launch of a new monthly suggests the traditional model for magazine publication may be alive and, er, laying.

Your Chickens, which goes on sale tomorrow in newsagents and supermarkets across Britain, aims to find a market among the 500,000 people who keep hens in their back gardens.

Publishers Archant South West decided to launch the title when readers of their successful magazine Country Smallholding indicated there was a demand for something more specialised.

‘Over the last twelve months we’ve been getting more and more enquiries from people keeping chickens in their back garden. It was very difficult to cater for them in Country Smallholding,’ Anna Atkinson told NMJ.

Your Chickens, which will have a print run of 25,000, will offer readers tips from celebrity hen keepers, advice from poultry experts and pieces for children.

Archant is sticking to the traditional business model, and plans to draw a maximum of 35% of its revenue from advertising and the rest from its cover price. ‘We have no doubt in our minds that it will work,’ said Atkinson.

If it does, Your Chickens may be further evidence that at least part of the future of journalism is niche.

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