New Model Journalism provides comment and analysis of the revolution sweeping the media, changing how journalism is paid for and how it is done.

With the traditional revenue model failing, the hunt is on for new models to sustain quality journalism. There’s a lot going on – new media technologies and platforms are developing fast, while enterprising individuals and communities are launching start-ups and experimenting with different forms of journalism.

Yet opinions diverge widely about the merits of these emerging models, and how far they provide an answer to journalism’s financial woes. It’s our unabashed assumption that finding a lasting solution is about more than just business models. The future shape of the media will determine how far journalism is able to continue its traditional functions of scrutinising the powerful and promoting the debate vital to a democratic society.

Founded by two journalists, the site grew out of a conference hosted by the National Union of Journalists in January 2010 which brought together new model pioneers and seasoned media watchers to talk about life on the cutting edge. Through case studies, reviews and analysis, the site examines the implications of this evolving scene. Feel free to get in touch with us directly to share your news and views, or join us on Twitter @newmodeljourno.

Tim Dawson is a reporter and feature writer whose work has appeared in the Sunday Times for the past fifteen years. He is a former Scotland correspondent for the New Statesman and reporter for the US magazine People Weekly. You can email him at: tim@timdawsn.demon.co.uk


Alex Klaushofer is a London-based journalist writing on social affairs and politics in Britain and the Middle East. She has contributed to the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, New Statesman and a variety of BBC programmes, as well as holding staff positions on public policy magazines. Her book ‘Paradise Divided: A Portrait of Lebanon’ is published by Signal. Her second book is …
a secret.

Alex is no longer blogging here, but tweets about media and publishing matters @alexklaushofer.

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