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  • Journalism graduates get hyper (local)

    Journalism graduates get hyper (local)

    Hyperlocal start-up The Lincolnite has declared itself open for advertising business. The Lincolnite was launched an experiment in May when journalism graduates of the University of Lincoln realised the city had no dedicated local news provider. Since then, it has built a team of staff and freelances, secured a grant from Enterprise@Lincoln, and now gets […]

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  • Council paper clamp-down announced

    Council paper clamp-down announced

    Local authorities will be prevented from producing more than four newspapers a year, and ‘propaganda papers’ will no longer allowed under new rules proposed today by UK Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.  Initiating a six week consultation of the draft regulations, Pickles, a combative former leader of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, said:  “An independent local press […]

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  • Need viewers? Hire bloggers

    Need viewers? Hire bloggers

    ‘Newsblogging’ represents the next step in the evolution of journalism, according to its ‘inventors’, of New York. Their concept is a startling simple. Fresh, interesting content is the best way to drive readers to a website, so the company marries experienced professional journalists with organisations, commercial and campaigning, that want to ‘connect [an organisation] with news […]

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  • The Business Desk nets 50,000th subscriber

    The Business Desk nets 50,000th subscriber

    The Business Desk, the online news service targeted at the business community of the north west, celebrated its 50,000 subscriber this week. Subscribers are key to the business model of the company, which was started by regional journalist turned entrepreneur David Parkin, three years ago. Parkin insists that free content is king, and arguing that […]

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  • American innovations fill news gap

    American innovations fill news gap

    A round of awards for journalistic innovation from the US highlight some of the emerging solutions to the crisis in news reporting. This year’s Knight-Batten Innovation Awards run by J-Lab, which promote the use of digital technology to get people involved in public life, rewards some path-breaking initiatives. The winner of the top prize Sunlight […]

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  • Self-help meets journalism: the Next Generation Journalist reviewed

    Self-help meets journalism: the Next Generation Journalist reviewed

    It had to happen. Someone was always going to write a self-help book for journalists in these difficult, interesting times. Adam Westbrook’s e-book ‘Next Generation Journalist: Ten ways to make money in journalism in 2010′, starts out with some big claims: ‘This is a unique book,’ Westbrook writes. ‘It collides disciplines and ideas that have […]

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  • Radio 4 investigates new media models

    Radio 4 investigates new media models

    The latest edition of BBC Radio 4’s ‘In Business’ brought some real insight into how the top guns in the media are thinking about new revenue models – and some reasons to be cheerful for those working at every level of journalism. ‘Press Under Pressure’, broadcast on May 6th and again on the 9th, went […]

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  • Get niche quick scheme

    Get niche quick scheme announce the follow up to their news:rewired event – a one day conference devoted to working online niches.  On 25 June, and costing £80, it promises to cover the following: Using mobile for newsgathering and publishing Building online buzz about your title or work Running user-driven projects, such as crowdsourcing Paid-for content and services […]

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  • The quest for a new model for journalism

    The quest for a new model for journalism

    What is the new model that will sustain the journalism of the future? The posts below – the fruits of a conference hosted by the NUJ earlier in the year – represent some of the first answers to this question. Some are dispatches from the founders of start-ups; others offer early observation by media-watchers of […]

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  • Daniel Johnston –

    Daniel Johnston –

    I spent two years building up readers and reputation at Indus Delta and making no money, but it is now profitable and I employ a second person to do some of the work It takes time for people to get used to online news Today, about 8,000 people a month read the site – which […]

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