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  • Granville Williams – the future of the media

    Granville Williams – the future of the media

    To sustain journalism for the rest of the 21st century, governments must fund journalism, as they have funded the car industry or banks Media companies are returning to profit – but this will not lead to a return of well-resourced journalism Paywalls are unproven and online advertising does not supply the resources to fund good […]

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  • Gavin MacFadyen

    Gavin MacFadyen

    Foundations have become the key to funding investigative journalism in the USA Similar initiatives are now underway in the UK USA tax and libel laws made foundation-funded journalism a powerful force in that country, but conditions in the UK are not as favourable University-based journalism projects have also created some important new models for investigative […]

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  • Ian Reeves

    Ian Reeves

    There are an increasing number of examples in the United States of media outlets being funded by community donations National Public Radio raises 30% of its revenue from ‘pledge drives’ News sites in New York, Chicago and Minnesota have also had some success with this model A handful of individuals have also sought reader-funding for […]

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