Hunt for new media model doomed

Bonnie-Brown (Flickr)

A thought-provoking assessment of what technological change means for journalism comes from Paul Armstrong of @themediaisdying.

Armstrong, who has been relaying his observations of the changing face of the media for the past couple of years via his Twitter account, has now reached a firm conclusion. The hunt for a new business model is fundamentally doomed, he argues, and those on it would be better advised to ‘stop trying to refine and redefine journalism … serve the reader not the business model’

In Armstrong’s view, the digital revolution is shaping a future where readers increasingly demand personalised news and consumer info which can only be provided as aggregated content delivered by apps. As result, he says, efforts by many in the media industry to find ways of selling long-form content through variations on traditional mechanisms are misplaced.

But it’s in the nature of changing times that no one agrees where they are going. Meanwhile, the Guardian reports on an intellectual backlash against social media in the US, where a growing number of ‘cyber-sceptics’ are arguing that, far from enhancing communication, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are isolating and diminishing us.

And, as noted here previously, there’s even the odd rumour of a marriage between tradition and innovation.

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