Ad server goes hyperlocal

Rvolve, which serves location-specific ads to a site, launched in beta this week.  Created by West Midland’s based developer Peter Abrahamson, it claims to allow advertisers to control where their ads appear to post code level. It is targeted at publishers of hyperlocal news sites.

Its structure is similar to Google’s Adsense, with advertisers paying per click, and publishers receiving 66% – 75% of revenue generated. 

“For advertisers, Rvolve gives new options to target around a series of shops, for example. Because the ads are distributed on multiple sites, there is an opportunity for large numbers of highly targeted local customers, which is the kind that actually purchases.” says Abrahamson.

The service works by having a latitude and longitude coordinate for the publisher’s content, and a coordinate for every advertisement. Using geographic search technology, which was developed by Rvolve’s author, the most relevant local adverts are shown.

Although clearly different to Addiply, it is evidence of the growing interest in effectively serving homebrew and hyperlocal sites with ads.

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